INTERACTION: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa <p>INTERACTION: Jurnal Pendidikan Bahasa is a journal at English Education Department of Universitas Pendidikan Muhammadiyah Sorong.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> <p><strong>P-ISSN 2406-9558</strong></p> <p><strong>E-ISSN 2406-9566</strong></p> en-US (Nurteteng) (Journal Interaction) Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:42:34 +0000 OJS 60 Descriptive Analysis of Language Style Used by Radio Announcer <p>The aim of this study was to find out the types of language styles which were applied by the Gajah Mada group’s radio announcer using descriptive qualitative research method along with observation and interview as the data collection. The number of informants were 11 people, consisting of eight radio announcers and three people from radio announcer teams. The results of this study indicated that the three radios used the language style joint, which includes honesty, politeness and attractiveness. Furthermore, language styles were found on the types of language styles that can be viewed from non-language perspective according to place and audience. Then in terms of language, based on the choice of words, namely official, informal and conversational in accordance to the choice of tone using simple and medium tones, and based on the sentence structure used climax. The use of this language style is supported by the ability of public speaking by the announcer in delivering information to listeners.</p> Liya Umaroh, Lily Tania Innezaputri ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:28:03 +0000 Grammatical Error in Tiffany Young's Songs <p>One of the languages that human beings need in order to communicate with the others is the English language. Learning the English language can be taught through songs. However, the learners need to be more careful because the grammar in songs is not always correct. Because of its incorrectness, the researchers of this research decide to choose Tiffany Young’s songs as some of her songs that contain grammatical errors. This research is designed in the descriptive qualitative because the data sources are written in the lyrics. The aim of this study is to find the grammatical errors in Tiffany Young’s songs. From the analysis, the researchers have found sixteen data that consist of grammatical errors. As the result, researchers confirm that there are grammatical errors in Tiffany Young’s English song lyrics in the form of article noun, negative predicate, auxiliary verb, and three kinds of tenses which are simple future tense, present perfect, and simple present tense.</p> Griselda Giovanni Simanjuntak, Wel Son, Nurma Dhona Handayani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:28:37 +0000 An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in Advertising Slogan <p>Language is a very important communication tool to be able to interact with each other. The language used in all activities, study, work, including the marketing of a product. Companies must have the capacity to create or control audiences (readers, or listeners) to buy the goods they offer. To tell more about a product, service or idea, companies use English in their promotion in the way of advertising. In fact, many companies often make mistakes in using grammar in writing advertising slogans to market their products. This study aims to identify the types of grammatical errors and focus on the types of errors used in advertising slogans by companies. This research method is descriptive qualitative. The method of writing advertising slogans uses a description of words or sentences that do not have a percentage or value in the form of numbers, where the researcher analyzes according to the type of data error category. From the results of the study, researchers found fifteen (15) advertising slogans were collected from companies via the internet.</p> Agustina Sihombing, Mutiah Mutiah, Nurma Dhona Handayani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:30:17 +0000 An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in Students’ Conversation <p>Compose a sentence requires grammatical aspects to make good sentences. Understanding grammar is important to make sentences correctly. This study uses a qualitative descriptive method which aims to find out the types of grammatical errors produced by UPB students when conducting interviews with other students. used to collect qualitative data is the observation method. To analyze the data used descriptive method Students are given the task of interviewing other students about the lecture period which is conducted online. Then each answer produced by the student is analyzed to find out grammatical errors that have been made. found there are 15 data in 3 types of grammatical errors, among others; there are 5 pronunciation errors, 5 tenses errors, and 5 prepotition errors. It is concluded that students still cannot make good grammatical pronunciations</p> Joana Febiola, Rendy Saputra ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:30:56 +0000 A Grammatical Error Analysis in A Fourth Semester Students’ Interview <p>Language is one of the means of human communication in interacting with one another. Broadly speaking, language has become part of human life, even a basic human need in carrying out their lives. However, along with the development of the era, the use of English is increasingly being rivaled by the use of slang, especially among students, causing some errors in knowing what the meaning of the word is. To avoid things that cause someone's English to speak English correctly, and then use the method to practice, and understand the word classes contained in grammar. But the most important thing is to master as much vocabulary as possible to improve English perfectly. In this study, researchers obtained data sources by interviewing 4th semester students and 2nd semester students through student social media, namely the Teams application which was carried out online. This study focuses on the analysis of the use of interview grammar, which was obtained using a qualitative descriptive method. The form of presentation is done by descriptive presentation in the form of words or sentences that do not have percentages and numbers. Therefore, the researchers analyzed the data errors according to the category of grouping the types of word classes used so that the researchers got 8 data, where the data had errors in the use of the simple present word class, the use of To be, action verb, and perfect tense.</p> Murniwati Ndruru, Dwina Putri Ayu Saragih ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:31:56 +0000 Analyses Error Grammar in Interview’s Sheni And Ayu On Teams <p>Language is a means of communication for every human being. Also, having several types of languages ​​such as regional languages, state languages ​​and international languages ​​is English. English in general has existed since elementary school to college. Many adults are still wrong in the use of good and correct English so that it requires more extra learning. One method of improving English through vocabulary is speaking like an interview. In the interview, there were also presenters and auditors who interacted with each other. The best interviews mostly speak correct vocabulary and sentences. In this study, researchers took sources from interviews with students from the University of Putera Batam as a team. In this study, the researcher aims to analyze grammatical errors and focus on grammatical errors in presenters, which have been obtained using qualitative descriptive methods. The method of presentation is using descriptive presentation in the form of words or sentences that do not have a percentage or value in the form of numbers, where the researcher analyzes according to the error class category of the data. From the results of this study, the researcher found 15 data where the data consisted of errors of auxiliary verbs and tenses.</p> Ibadadilah Sheni, Bella Natasia Panjaitan, Nurma Dhona Handayani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:32:36 +0000 An Analysis of Simile in War Room Movie <p>The aim of this research is to analyze simile and its type in the movie “War Room” (2015) directed by Alex Kendrick. Similes are employed in a number of ways and serve a range of purposes, including movie. Therefore, this study applied qualitative research as the design and focused on analyzing simile, which is part of semantics study. A simile is a clear comparison, and it frequently uses comparative terms <em>like</em> or <em>as</em>. The type of similes is categorized by Dancygier &amp; Sweetser (2014) into narrow-scope and wider-scope similes. As the result of the research, there were 20 similes found in the movie, such as 4 similes using “<em>as”</em> and 16 similes using ‘like’ as the comparison word. Moreover, there were 11 narrow-scope similes and 9 wider-scope similes apparent in the movie’s narration and conversation.</p> Yosua Timotius Natanael, Gina Indriani, Muhammad Ridho Fajar Nugraha, Nurma Dhona Handayani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:33:26 +0000 An Analysis of Grammatical Errors in Speech Joko Widodo, Presidential of Indonesia, at APEC CEO Summit ‘’YouTube Video by APEC’’ <p>Language is a means of communication for every human being. Also, several types of languages ​​such as regional languages, state languages ​​and international languages ​​is English. English in general has existed since elementary school to college. Many adults are still wrong in the use of good and correct English so that it requires more extra learning. One method of improving English through vocabulary is speaking like a speech. In the speech, in this study, researchers took sources from speech. In this study, the researcher aims to analyse grammatical errors and speech focus on grammatical errors in presenters, which have been obtained using qualitative descriptive methods. The method of presentation is using descriptive presentation in the form of words or sentences that do not have a percentage or value in the form of numbers, where the researcher analyses according to the error class category of the data. From the results of this study, the researcher found 20 data where the data consisted of errors of auxiliary verbs and tenses.</p> Elperinda Silaen, Jelly Hutagaol, Nurma Dhona Handayani ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:34:28 +0000 Black Women’s Oppression and Resistance in Namina Forna “The Gilded Ones”: Feminist Approach <p>Oppression has always been experienced by black women from time to time. They have been mistreated many times by the reason of how they have always been considered as humans who have no power. And sexism, which is a discrimination based on sex or gender, have been one of the forms of the oppression. However, many of black women have shown resistance to the oppression. Therefore, the aim of this research was to find the oppression towards black women and the resistance towards the oppression in “<em>The Gilded Ones</em>” Novel by Namina Forna. The novel reflects black women who are under patriarchal system and have a will to fight as a form of resistance to get justice. Descriptive qualitative was used in this research, and in collecting the data, the researcher closely read the book to gain a greater knowledge of it, particularly as it relates to black feminism. The researcher then began to analyse the gender issue of black feminism's theories of oppression and resistance by Collins (2010). As the result of this research, it was shown that in “The Gilded Ones” novel, there was patriarchy happening, where male dominated female. Black women characters in the novel suffered from gendered and sexual violence. By this reason, black women characters in the novel tried to found a way and fight the oppression.</p> Winema Tania, Rahma Ananditha Firdaus ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:35:08 +0000 Guided Questions Technique Towards The Students Recount Text Writing <p>In this study, students in the seventh (VII) grade of Perguruan Dharma Bakti Lubuk Pakam were examined in relation to their success in creating recount texts using the guided questioning technique. Thus, students in the seventh (VII) grade made up the research population. Two classes of 24 students each, for a total of 48 pupils, were used by the writers for their research. Purposive sampling was selected as the sampling technique from two courses, each of which included 24 pupils. In this quasi-experimental study, the pre-test and post-test written assessments were used to collect data, and both groups received a distinct course of therapy. Before the post-test, the experimental group employed the guided questions methodology and the control group the traditional approach. Because the significance was less than alpha p (a), the hypothesis was accepted when it showed sig. 2-tailed (p) 0,000 (a) 0,005. The control group's score went risen from 51,46 to 63,67. From 55,46 to 70,00, the experimental group's score climbed. The variances between the experimental group's mean score (M = 70,00; SD = 16,251; t(23) = 7,174) and the control group's mean score (M = 63,67; SD = 18,087). The study's findings thus showed that the Guided Questions Technique had a bearing on students' success in making recount texts.</p> Mitha Silfia, Agnes Rianti, Fanny Lieyanti, Theresia Angel Tarigan, Nurmahyuni Asrul ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:35:41 +0000 Word-Connecting Games on St Ignasius Junior High School Students' Vocabulary Improvement in Medan <p>This study intends to determine whether word-connecting games can help students in class VII at SMP St. Ignasius Medan improve their practice of English vocabulary. According to the Kemmis and McTaggart models, this study is a class action study that was carried out in two cycles. All 21 students in class VIIc, with a breakdown of 12 men and 9 women, served as the study's subjects. Tests are used to gauge students' English vocabulary proficiency, and observation sheets are used to gauge how well word-continuing game techniques, which involve teacher and student activities, are used. According to the study's findings, using the word-connecting games method significantly increased students' ability to learn and comprehend English vocabulary. Researchers' findings show a 70 percent increase in English vocabulary from cycle I to cycle II and a 90 percent increase from cycle I to cycle II.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Idawati Waruwu, Asri Rafica Silalahi, Susi Santi Sinaga, Herliaman Lafau ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:36:19 +0000 Analysis of Semantic Relation in Short Story: Semantics Approach <p>This research entitled Analysis of Semantic Relation in Short Story: Semantics Approach discussed the semantic relation used in the short stories by Kate Chopin. The objective of this study is to find and identify the kinds of semantic relation used in the short stories written by Kate Chopin and compare the semantic relation found in each short story. The research method for this research is qualitative descriptive. The data for this research will be the three of the short stories written by Kate Chopin: The Story of an Hour, Regret, and A Respectable Women. The method for this research will include collecting the words or phrases that have semantic relation and those words will be later categorized in their kind of semantic relation to compare the semantic relation used in Kate Chopin’s short stories.</p> Gilbert Adrian, Muhammad Ridho Fajar Nugraha, Gaguk Rudianto ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:37:11 +0000 The Leadership of Phineas Taylor Barnum in the Greatest Showman Movie <p>The objective of this research is to analyze the leadership of Phineas Taylor Barnum that exists in the main character of The Greatest Showman movie. Leadership is an important part of an organization. Leadership is the process by which an individual influences a group of people to achieve a goal. This musical movie tells the story of a circus founder, Phineas Taylor Barnum with a leadership attitude. In this descriptive qualitative study, the writers collect the data from the scene and the conversation in the movie and material with a variety of resources such as books, journals, articles, and other references. After watching the movie repeatedly and collecting the data by paying attention to the conversation in the movie's scenes, the writers study the whole story before continuing to the next step, then analyzing what the story is all about. The types of leadership that were found in this movie are (1) Democratic Leadership, (2) Laissez-faire Leadership, and (3) Transformational Leadership. While there are three impacts of leadership that indeed to Phineas Taylor Barnum as the main character in The Greatest Showman, namely (1) Inspiring Confidence For Others, (2) Creating A Respectful Environment, and Raisings Loyalty and Trust. This movie shows many things to be a good leader who can bring a big impact on people. We are all leaders in our lives. So, this movie gives us so many things that we can learn to have a better life.</p> Tati Mardewi, Endah Sofyan, Furi Indriyani, Nurmala Dewi ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:37:48 +0000 English Teachers’ Strategies in Teaching Reading: An Interview Study <p>This study aimed to determine the strategies used by English teachers at SMK Insan Tazakka, Cikampek to teach reading comprehension. This study uses two English teacher participants at different grade levels. This study employed a qualitative method of &nbsp;data collection. Data were collected through semi-structured interview sessions and author-administered questionnaires. Interviews were conducted with 14 questions to obtain detailed data. And a 25-item questionnaire consisting of three categories. Metacognitive strategy guidance (planning, monitoring, evaluation), cognitive strategy guidance (visualization, summarization), and social strategy guidance (collaborative learning, questioning) are performed to complete the data obtained. According to interview findings, the first English teacher used the K-W-L (Know, Want to Know, and Learned) reading strategy and SQ3R (Surveying, Questioning, Reading, Reciting, and Reviewing) strategy. This was deemed sufficient to cover all aspects of the learning process, and the K-W-L strategy allows students to practice concentration during the learning process. It is even said that the K-W-L strategy can support and help students' reading skills. At the same time, the second English teacher uses her CIRC (Cooperative Integrated Reading and Composition) teaching strategy. This is because teachers find the process easy to implement and use. The obtained questionnaire data then corroborated the previous data in writing. It can be concluded that two English teachers at SMK Insan Tazakka use different strategies in teaching reading comprehension in class.</p> Dinda Hasri Dian Pertiwi, Elih Sutisna Yanto, Yousef Bani Ahmad ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:38:39 +0000 Students' Perception in Learning Speaking through Charades Game <p>Learning English speaking is well-known and taught as a foreign language in school. Among four significant skills, speaking is part of the essential skill because its role fundamentally serves as a means of communication. However, there are problems found in the class such as learners’ lack of self-confidence and lack of English vocabulary. This study is focused on students’ perception of the use Charades game in learning English speaking. The participant of this study is five students from junior high school in Karawang. Interview is the instruments use to conduct information related to the learners’ perception of learning English speaking through the Charades game. The data was analyzed through Miles and Huberman's steps. The result of the findings and discussion of data showed that all participants who participated in this study did show a positive perception of charades game and it seems that charades game makes a positive environment during learning English speaking thus the students feel enjoyed and fun when play it.</p> <p><strong><sub>Key</sub> words</strong>: Charades Game, Learning Speaking, Perception</p> Wida Ayuwandini, Yousef Bani Ahmad, Totoh Tauhidin Abas ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:40:34 +0000 Students’ Coping Strategies with Speaking Anxiety in Online Learning Setting <p>Anxiety is popular topic to discuss. Yet, studies focusing on situations which lead students to feel anxious in online EFL speaking classroom remain scarce. Therefore, this study is aimed to: (1) figure out situation causing students’ anxiety in an EFL speaking classroom; and (2) find out strategies that students use to cope with speaking anxiety. Nine second-year high school students were interviewed to explore the issue. The interview data were analysed using thematic analysis. The result indicated several situations in which students feel anxious when speaking English. These included: speaking in front of big and formal audience, worry of being misunderstood, lack of confidence, and worry of being asked all of sudden. Furthermore, students also used similar strategies to research finding by Kondo &amp; Ying-Ling (2004) even speaking class during online learning setting. There were three strategies mainly used by the students, i.e. preparation, relaxation and positive thinking.</p> Devia Anggraini, Sidik Indra Nugraha, Yuna Tresna Wahyuna ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:41:04 +0000 Narrative Study on Teachers’ Strategy to Teach Oral Communicative Competences during Pandemics <p>Covid-19 has caused changes in teachers’ strategies in teaching English as a Foreign Language. In teaching oral communicative competence, it is harder for English teacher to select the most suitable teaching strategy. The implementation of online learning during the pandemic is one of the alternatives that have been taken among English teacher in Indonesia.&nbsp; This study was conducted to find out the teachers’ strategies in teaching oral communicative competence of senior high school student during the pandemics. By utilizing narrative inquiry like interview and narrative frame as the data collection method, the researcher sought to investigate the teachers’ strategies in teaching English oral communicative competence in SMAN 3 Pontianak. The data from the participants’ story and interview transcriptions was analyzed by using thematic analysis. Based on the result findings, it is concluded that the teacher has implemented various kind of teaching strategies to teach oral communicative competence during pandemics that includes selecting suitable online platform, initiating an effective learning modes and implementing different kind of teaching method. Using narrative research design, this present study was conducted to comprehensively understand teachers' strategies to improve students' oral communicative competence based on the teacher's stories throughout their teaching experiences during pandemics.</p> <p><strong>&nbsp;</strong></p> Deni Subana Arya Andika Azmin, Endang Susilawati, Ikhsanudin Ikhsanudin ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:41:38 +0000 Quizizz; An Interactive Game to Enhance Students’ Speaking <p>Less excited and less motivated are the problems that usually happen among the students. One of the factors that cause them become less excited and less motivated is due to teaching method. Teaching methods affect students’ outcome. The more creative the teacher is the more enjoyable the class will be. Quizizz is one of the interactive digital games that can improve students’ speaking skill. This study aims to analyze how quizizz could improve students’ ability in reading. To support their analysis, the writers employed a qualitative approach and applied the Teaching by Principle theory of H. Douglas Brown and Heekyong Lee. The scope of the study was determined by the Quizizz results of 35 students in grade XII Technical Engineering 7 at SMK Binakarya Mandiri Bekasi. The authors selected three of them as samples. Observation, interviews, and some supplementary articles were utilized to obtain data. The findings of the study revealed the viewpoints of students regarding the use of Quizizz. They concur that the Quizizz application is an engaging and entertaining way to learn English.</p> Puji Lestari, Lambok Hermanto Sihombing ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 10 Oct 2022 05:42:01 +0000 The Impact of Information and Technology in Education <p>Learning technology continues to develop along with the times. In the implementation of daily learning, we often encounter the use of information and technology developments in the world of education, as is often done by teachers or lecturers, namely combining information and technology tools in the learning process. However, information and technology will not only bring positive benefits, but will also have a negative impact. The development of information science and technology has a positive impact by increasing the openness and dissemination of information and knowledge from and to all over the world across the boundaries of space and time. The negative impact is the occurrence of changes in behavior, ethics, norms, rules, or morals of life that are contrary to the ethics, norms, rules, and morals of life that exist in society.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Intan Permatasari, Dayat Hidayat, Yousef ad Bani Ahmad ##submission.copyrightStatement## Fri, 14 Oct 2022 05:52:44 +0000 The Flipped Classroom Model in Learning Grammar: Students' Responses <p>The aim of this study focusses on the use of flipped classroom model in&nbsp; grammar learning: students’ responses. This study used&nbsp; a qualitative approach and case study as a research design. This research took place in one of junior high school at Klari, Karawang. The participants of this study were an EFL Teacher and six seventh grade students. This research used observation and interview as data collection technique. The observation was conducted in three times. For the interview session, the researcher interviewed six students where these students were two people who had low level, two people who had intermediate level and two people who had high level in English. The findings of the research showed that the use of flipped classroom model in grammar learning has 3 activity phases, namely before the class, in class, and post class activity. In addition, the findings of this research showed that students’ responses towards the use of the flipped classroom model in learning grammar are positive. The students’ responses are presented into four categories, namely flipped classroom makes grammar learning easier, flipped classroom makes students more active in the class, flipped classroom stimulating students' autonomous learning, and flipped classroom makes grammar learning interesting.</p> <p><strong>Key words:</strong> Flipped Classroom Model; Grammar; Students’ Responses</p> Amanda Amanda, Fauzi Miftakh, Yousef Bani Ahmad ##submission.copyrightStatement## Wed, 19 Oct 2022 08:26:33 +0000 Structure Dyadic Method in Improving the Students’ Ability in Reading Comprehension <p>The purpose of this study was to analyze the improvement of reading learning outcomes for students of the English Study Program of Tarbiyah Faculty of State Islamic College Sorong, using the Structure Dyadic Method (SDM). This method is a method that only consists of two members in one group (dyad) and its technical implementation is very structured. This research used quantitative methods. There was one problem that was analyzed using statistical analysis, namely the effect of the SDM on the reading ability of the English study program students of Tarbiyah Faculty of State Islamic College of Sorong. Researchers took data using pretest and posttest. The results showed that the use of the SDM in reading comprehension was very good in improving the students' ability to read descriptive texts.</p> Bunyamin Bunyamin, Fatma Sari, Mawaddah Rahanyamtel ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 25 Oct 2022 01:39:49 +0000 Improving Students Vocabulary Mastery Using Flashcard at The KAI <p>This study discusses the improvement of students' English vocabulary by using flashcards. This research aims of the paper are: (1) Can flashcards improve students' vocabulary, (2) What is the students' vocabulary achievement before and after using flashcards. The subjects of this study were students in Brainy English at The KAI, where a total of 30 students were from classes D1 to D4. This research was conducted in the academic year 2022/2023. The model of Classroom Action Research (CAR) is stated by Kemmis and Mc Taggart (in Burns, 1993:32) who state that the model of Classroom Action Research is consist of four steps. They are namely: planning, acting, observing, and reflecting. Based on this study, it was stated that there was an increase in students' vocabulary after learning using flash cards. The average value of student achievement in cycle 1 was 65.5, and the average value of student achievement increased to 79.7 in cycle 2. Therefore, the author can conclude that the use of flashcards is the most appropriate medium to attract students' interest and make the classroom atmosphere fun and can improve student learning outcomes vocabulary. The author hopes that this thesis can be used as an additional reference, namely: will be the next researcher with a different discussion who can revise the development of this flashcard.</p> Kholisoh Nursaadah, Yon A E ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 25 Oct 2022 23:16:06 +0000 The Effect of Students Vocabulary By Using Audio Visual Media At University Of Esa Unggul <p>This research is aimed to find out the effect of students vocabulary by using audio visual media compared with students who learned vocabulary without using audio visual media. It is an experimental research. This research was conducted with the participants of 40 students’ from University of Esa Unggul. The data was obtained through pre test and post test. This study compare mean average between pre test and post test to find out students response toward Audio Visual Media. Furthermore, the results show that teaching vocabulary by using audio visual media give effect on the students vocabulary. The mean score of pre test was 67,40 and the mean of post test was 86,05. Its mean that there was significant effect of students vocabulary using audio visual media at University of Esa Unggul.</p> Ananda Krismonita A, Yon A E ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 27 Oct 2022 06:54:43 +0000 The Effect of Language Games Toward Mastery Students Vocabulary at Seventh Grade of SMP Islam Al-Ikhlas <p>The main objective of the study was to determine whether playing Taboo games could affect students' language retention or not. This study focused on 40 students in grade VII at SMP Islam Al-Ikhlas Bekasi during the academic year 2021–2022. In this study, every student was chosen as a sample (class VII-3 and VII-4). With the design of the class control and class experimental, the methodology utilized in this work is quantitative. Using SPSS statistic 26, a statistical analysis of the pre-test and post-test data was conducted. According to the study's findings, the pre-test mean score for the students was 65.40, while the post-test mean score was 86.55. The t-test of students’ achievement in experimental and control group in posttest was smaller than sig. (2-tailed) is 0,000 &lt; 0,05. It means that Taboo games has significant effect on student’s vocabulary students at SMP Islam A-Ikhlas Bekasi.</p> Ni’maturrohmah Ni’maturrohmah, Syaeful Millah ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 27 Oct 2022 06:55:31 +0000 The Impact of Cue Card Media on the Secondary School Students’ Speaking Anxiety <p>The objective of this research is to find out whether a cue card media given impact or not in reducing speaking anxiety at grade in MTs Az-Zikra Kota Sorong. Related to the objective of the researcher used pre-experimental qualitative research design. The design of this research is pre-experimental research. The population of this research was eighth grades students with total of the sample was 34 students, based on purposive sampling. In the collecting the data, the researcher used 32 items questionnaire for pre-test and posttest. In analyzed the data, the researcher used SPSS 20 program to calculation the data. The result of the research showed that, there is a difference in the scale between the before treatment and after treatment because T-value (6.258) &gt; T-table (1.703) and P value (0.000) &lt; α (0,05). It also indicates that the H0 was rejected and Ha which said Cue card media give impact on the student speaking anxiety was accepted. It can be seen from the mean score from the pre-test questionnaire was 76,4 decreased on post-test questionnaire was 53,6. It can be concluded that cue card media can reduce the students’ speaking anxiety.</p> Nursalim Nursalim, Nurmas Jihad Fahrurrozi ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 01 Nov 2022 00:59:07 +0000 Analysis of Moral Value in Song Lyrics Seperti Pelangi Habis Hujan by Natahsia Nikita <p>This study aims to analyse the moral values in song lyrics such as the rainbow after the rain by Natahsia Nikita. This type of research is qualitative research so it will produce descriptive data in the form of words. The data analysed in it is descriptive and not in the form of numbers. The research is a study by lecturers and students in the seventh semester of the 2020/2021 academic year, Universitas Pendidikan Muhammadiyah Sorong. Data collection techniques using library techniques, listening, and noting, and documentation. Data analysis using the interactive model technique Miles and Huberman state that qualitative data analysis uses words that are always arranged in an expanded or described text. When giving meaning to the collected data, the data is analysed and interpreted. Data analysis includes the following stages: (1) data reduction, (2) display/presentation of data, and (3) drawing conclusions and then verifying. The message in song lyrics contained in the lyrics of the song by Natahsia Nikita brings a good moral message to us, namely, we must live this life patiently, we must also respect each other both parents and others, and we are also taught to be able to forgive and forgive others. And fully live this life by God'swill as for the other moral values above, such as the values of trust, fairness, compassion, honesty, trust, patience, brotherhood, unity, and tolerance between religious communities and so on, and can be implemented in the present and future life. which will come.</p> Abdul Rahman Hatsama, Tresia Anita Baru ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 10 Nov 2022 01:50:46 +0000 The Students Ability to Change the Health Interview Text become a Narrative at Seventh Grade of SMP IT Nurul Yaqin <p>This study aims to describe students' ability in writing, especially developing narrative essays based on interview texts. The method used in this research is descriptive quantitative method. This research technique is carried out by giving the task of composing a narrative based on the interview text that has been provided to students. The instrument used is a test of the ability to change the text of a health interview into a narrative that is given to students in the form of a written test. The object of this research is students' essays which are assessed from the linguistic aspect including the ability to use spelling, diction, paragraphs, and the suitability of the narrative content with the interview text. The source of the data for this study were the seventh-grade students of SMP IT Nurul Yaqin, Sorong Regency, totaling 46 students from the number of 50 students in class VII. Collecting data in this study through test techniques. To analyse the data using the average formula. Based on the results of the study, it can be concluded that the seventh-grade students of SMP IT Nurul Yaqin, Sorong Regency are able to change the health interview text into a narrative. That is, as many as 61% can convert health interview texts into narratives, while 39% have not been able to convert health interview texts into narratives. This is based on the average value of 60, which is in the range of values ​​of 60-74 with sufficient category.</p> Abdul Rahman Hatsama, Budi Riono, Budi Santoso ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 10 Nov 2022 02:50:45 +0000 Developing A Supplementary Reading Text Based on Nias Local Culture <p>The aim of this research is to develop supplementary English Book for grade eight at SMP Markus Medan. This research is classified into Research and Development (R&amp;D) study. The participants of this research were the students from grade eight of Markus Medan, English teacher, and lecturers from English Department. The writer gathered the data from questionnaires given to the participants. The first questionnaires were given to the students to find their suitable needs and characteristics in learning English. The second questionnaires were administered in validating the first draft of supplementary English book that developed by the writer. The third questionnaires were given to get the feedback from the students on the second draft of supplementary English book. The final product of this research was passed by having a series of material design steps, namely: collecting preliminary information, writing tasks grids, designing the first draft of supplementary English book., validating the developed draft of supplementary English book, revising the draft of supplementary English book, conducting tryouts, evaluating, and revising the final draft of supplementary English book. The writer developed the tasks into four units that cover nine reading skills. It can be known form the result from the third questionnaires which shows the mean of each aspect of the tasks ranging from 3.6 to 5.0. Therefore, it can be concluded that the supplementary English book is appropriate for students from grade eight of SMP Markus Medan.</p> <p>&nbsp;</p> Mega Kristin Zebua, Yenita Br Sembiring, Carolin Mutiara Pakaphan ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 08 Dec 2022 12:44:12 +0000 Moral Value Analysis of Justin Bieber's Album Purpose <p>Language is important means of communication. Song is one of way that we can use to communicate with others. The Author or the singer uses song to communicate with their fans even want to send the message for everyone in the world. But sometimes, we as the listeners feel difficult to understand about the meaning of the song or values that contains in the song. It is moral value. Moral value is the value of behavior used by each individual to be able to interact with each other. One of Singer that uses Moral value in his song is Justin Bieber especially in his Purpose album. The purpose of this research are to analyze the kind of moral value found in Justin Bieber's songs on the album Purpose and to identify the meaning. The benefits of the research are expected to give worthy contribution for people who want to study English literature and can be reference to everyone. This research focused to find analyze 6 moral values and analyze the meaning of 10 songs on the Purpose album. The results of the research are the mostly moral value in the song lyrics of Justin Bieber's album Purpose are loyalty and sincerity, and the less moral value on this album is steadfastness</p> Peter Manuputty, Juneth Nelfia Wattimena, Agustinus Lia Masan, Jennifer Laurens ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 12 Dec 2022 01:53:44 +0000 English Literature Study Program Student’s Anxiety in Discussion Activity of Learning Modern Cultural Studies at Universitas Bumigora <p>This research was carried out to investigate students’ anxiety in group discussion of learning modern cultural studies at Universitas Bumigora. It’s used to identify whether factors that may contribute to anxiety in learning of modern cultural studies based on students’ perspectives. The method used in this research is qualitative with case study approach seventeen anxious students were chosen as participants. The data gained by using observation and mediated interview. The result of this research showed that speaking or expressed opinion by using English via audio or camera of video on, incomprehensible input, lack of reading, students’ beliefs of learning modern cultural studies, and lack of preparation were the five factors that are able to contribute to the students’ anxiety in&nbsp; discussion activity of learning modern cultural studies</p> Hilda Hastuti, Diah Supatmiwati, Puspita Dewi, Lela Rahmawati ##submission.copyrightStatement## Thu, 22 Dec 2022 10:59:18 +0000 Dompunese and Bimanese Common Idiom “Kalembo Ade”: Morphological, Syntactical, and Semantic Analysis <p>This study aims to semantically, morphologically, and syntactically analyze Dompunese and Bimanese common idiom “<em>Kalembo ade</em>”. To obtain accurate data, this qualitative research used in-depth interview to some indigenous people of Dompu and Bima who actively speak Bima language. The significant findings of this research is that the phrase <em>kalembo ade</em> and its lexical English translation <em>enlarge heart</em> have the same morphological rules which both are composed of prefix + adjective and noun. Syntactically, the phrase <em>kalembo ade</em> has the same syntactical rule with its lexical English translation <em>enlarge heart</em>. The two phrases are occupied by Verb Phrase (VP) which the transitive verbs <em>enlarge</em> and<em> kalembo</em> function as predicate (P), and the words <em>ade</em> and <em>heart</em> are occupied by Noun Phrase (NP) whose function as a Direct Object (DO). Another important finding in this study is that in everyday communication, <em>Kalembo Ade</em> has various meanings and functions based on the context uttered such as <strong>sorry </strong>in expression of apology, <strong>be patient</strong> in expression of sympathy or condolence, and <strong>be advised</strong> in asking one’s understandings. Similar studies which investigate morphological, syntactical, and semantic rules of other phrases are highly recommended for future studies.</p> Ismail Ismail, Lili Suryaningsih, Taufik Taufik, Leni Marlina ##submission.copyrightStatement## Tue, 27 Dec 2022 07:05:05 +0000 The Effectiveness of Local Object-Based Augmented Reality in Writing Descriptive Text among Junior High School Students in Sorong Regency <p>The purpose of this study was to determine the effectiveness of augmented reality media based on local wisdom in writing descriptive text among Junior High School Students in Sorong Regency. The method used is true experiment with research design <em>posttest only control design that </em>using two different groups that were designated as the control group and the experimental group. The researchers used 2 schools in Sorong district, namely Muhammadiyah Junior High School 2 Mariyai and Junior High School 11 Sorong Regency. The population is 235 consisting of 2 schools. The sampling technique used is simple random sampling to reduce bias in favor of certain population members and identify standard errors in the study. A sample of 23 students was in group VII A of SMP Muhammadiyah 2 Mariyai and 25 students in Group VII C of SMP 11. The results show that the application of augmented reality media is more effective in learning outcomes of writing descriptive text than picture card media. Data analysis shows that the application of augmented reality media has an average learning outcome value of 75.12, with the highest score of 90 different from picture card media which only has an average value of 58.43, with the highest score of 78. Furthermore, the results of the hypothesis test shows that the sig value is 0.001 &lt; 0.005 so it is assumed that Augmented Reality media is more effective in improving writing skills of descriptive text.</p> Siti Fatihaturrahmah Al.Jumroh, Nouval Rumaf, Yeni Witdianti ##submission.copyrightStatement## Mon, 23 Jan 2023 08:51:37 +0000